Saturday, June 26, 2010


"There was no place on earth like the Cornish Coast at sunrise."

When I wrote this opening sentence for SINS OF THE HEART, I wasn't thinking of Earth Day or global warming, or truthfully, of anything except the glory my heroine was feeling as she looked out over the expanse of ocean, and watched the sun rise.

There are many most beautiful places on earth. Some I've been privileged to visit, others I'll never have a chance to see. To me, the one I'm visiting, or the one I'm studying, becomes at that time the world's most beautiful, wonderful place.

In this blog, I'm going to show you about my adventures, more than tell you. To begin, I'll just post a few pictures from various adventures, and then start elaborating. Overall, this is a really large project, which I will do a piece at a time. Some of the older trips will require scanning photos, so please be patient with them and with me.

I'm starting with Mexico, England, Hawai'i, and the Mediterranean. A bit at a time. Follow the tabs above to see what's new.

UPDATE #2: I'm getting the hang of posting both photos and text with the Mexico page. It's tricky. When things won't move where you want them, then there's probably some html code blocking that space. But finding it? When you don't speak the language? Well, let's say I'm being forced to learn in spite of myself.

UPDATE: Adding photos is an official pain in the neck. It's both better and worse than Old Blogger. The idea is, you can add photos exactly where you want them by placing your cursor there before to upload. The problem is, that photo wants to occupy the entire space across. They don't want 2 or more on a line across and if they do, forget entirely any accompanying text.